Summary: As the Centurions defend a thermal energy plant from yet another assault by Doc Terror, the berillium crystal on board Skyvault that is a key part of the beaming chamber is fractured. Requiring a replacement, Ace and Jake are sent to a jewelery shop but find that they have all been bought by a company named Star-Crossed Industries. Knowing that the company is a front for Terror, they decide to go to the mine in Tibet that the crystals originally came from. Once there however, they come under attack from Terror's forces, who have been mining all of the available crystals. With Max attempting to synthesize a new crystal in Sealab, and Ace and Jake unable to access their weapon systems, the Centurions must figure out a way of repairing the beaming chamber before Terror's plans can succeed.

Science Lesson: "Crystals" by Max.

Foreign namesEdit

  • Problemas de Transmisión (Transmission Problems) - Spanish dub.