Summary: Sealab's field vessel Sealiner 2 is buried undersea when one of its engines explodes. Sealab's current commander, Dr. Regulas, refuses the head of Sealab security Mei Lee's request for the Centurions help and sends divers out to rescue the ship instead. Mei Lee contacts Jake and tells him that there have been three prior accidents in the last month and asks the Centurions to investigate unofficially. Meanwhile, Doc Terror has Hacker plant bombs on a fault line in Mariana Trench while Sealab is busy. Max uses his new Sea Bat weapon system to assist in the rescue efforts, but soon comes under attack by Hacker. They manage to rescue the pilots, but are chastised by Dr. Regulas. Suspecting sabotage, the Centurions must figure out who the real traitor is before Terror's vibro-bombs can crack the world.

Science lesson: "Minerals from the sea" by Max.

Superhuman CenturionsEdit

  • Max is capable to shout "Power Xtreme!" underwater before equipping the Sea Bat without suffering drowning and the underwater pressure. Also seems to be immune to the extreme pressure in the Mariana Trench while using the Depth Charger and the Tidal Blast.

Foreign namesEdit

  • Destruyan al mundo (Destroy the world) - Spanish dub.