The first Cyborg-Brain being created.

The Cyborg-Brain (or Cyborg Brain) is an Artificial Intelligence system created by Uniborg to enhance all the Doom Drones in Dominion. They made an appearance in both parts of the episode "The Better Half".

According to Uniborg itself, the Cyborg-Brains are a specialized version of his intelligence, but these "brains" had one purpose: Defeat their enemies in battle.

Claiming that Doc Terror was afraid of his creations, he limited their power and intelligence, while Uniborg suppressed those limits. Resulting in more efficient, resistant and stronger weapons capable of defeating the Centurions in their first battle.

Cyborg-Brain installed on Strafers

Mass production and installation of Cyborg-Brains on Doom Drones, the Strafers are the first ones on the line.

Curiosities Edit

  • The Cyborg-Brain has a biomechanical look combining the organic appearance of a brain and mechanical elements like wires and LED-like lights.
  • For an Artificial Intelligence-related equipment, any Doom Drone with a Cyborg-Brain installed seems to have an upgrade in their physical resistance, for instance a Groundborg can take much more damage before being destroyed.

Foreign names Edit

  • Cerebro-Robot (Robot-Brain) - Spanish dub.