Doc Terorr

Doc Terror is the main antagonist of the series. A brilliant, yet evil genius, Terror fused his body to a powerful computer system in a bizarre operation which he himself developed. Now programmed for the ultimate evil, he challenges the Centurions in a fight to rule to world!

During a flashback In the episode "Man or Machine (Part II)", he was once a member of the World Council of Scientists, who saved Hacker from being arrested by the police. Promising money, fame and power, Doc Terror convinced Hacker to become an experiment of turning a man into a robot. Showing his work to the Council, Terror tried to convince them that the future is on the machines and transforming humans into cyborgs. The Council expelled Terror for being an evil man with a crazy plan and for stealing classified information to do his work, resulting in his expulsion from the Council and the loss of its priviledges.

During an accident caused by Hacker in Dominion, Doc Terror was seriously injured and he was saved by Hacker who turned him into a robot.

His Syntax was accidentally attached to Hacker's Legion unit, resulting in the creation of Uniborg.

Voice ActorsEdit

  • Ron Feinberg
  • Juan Domingo Mendez (replaced by Eduardo Borja in some episodes) - Spanish dub.

Foreign namesEdit

  • Doctor Terror - Spanish dub
  • "Doctorcito" - Nickname given by Hacker in Spanish dub


  • Unusually for a cartoon villain, he appeared in the science lessons given at the end of an episode. In Doc Terror's case, he gave the lesson about robotics in "Three Strikes and You're Dead" and how artificial intelligence (A.I.) works in "Man or Machine Part IV".
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