The Strafers are one of the many Doom Drones created by Doc Terror

The Doom Drones, also known as Battle Borgs are robotic soldiers created by Doc Terror. This mechanical units are created to perform attacks in land, sea, air and even the outer space.

Types of Doom DronesEdit

  • Strafer - The "Aerial Type" units designed to carry out air strikes, they're also used on space missions. This unit can be combined with Doc Terror and Hacker to give them flight capabilties.
  • Traumatizer - The "Land-Based" walking units designed to perform ground assaults. This Drones can also be combined with both Doc and Hacker, but this combination was never seen on the cartoon series.
  • Groundborgs - This Drones are also Land-based units created for ground assaults, unlike the Traumatizers, the Groundborgs are faster tanks to the use of treads. This is the only Doom Drone that can't be combined with Doc Terror and Hacker.

Modifications and VariantsEdit

  • Giant Traumatizer - Created by Doc Terror in "Ghost Warrior". This oversized version of the Traumatizer had the holographic capability of resemble a giant Totem claiming to be a ghost warrior.
  • "Twin Strafers" - Seen in the episode "That Old Black Magic". This Strafer variant is composed by two Strafers joined together by a large wing as a twin fuselage unit. This variant was used to transport the Traumatizers carrying both Ace McCloud and Cassandra Cross to Doc Terror's hideout.
  • The Cyborg-Brain enhanced legion of Doom Drones - created by Uniborg in "The Better Half (Parts I & II)". According to Uniborg, Doc Terror's Drones intelligence was limited to prevent them from rebelling against their creator, and the Cyborg-Brain not only supressed that limitations, but also improved their accuracy and endurance, proving to be strong enough to take down the Centurions in their first battle.
  • Super Strafer - Created by Gog after taking control of Dominion in "Man or Machine Part IV", this units are larger than the average Strafer, they were created to destroy an asteroid and create a meteor storm by crashing the Super Strafers on a kamikaze attack.