Firebird - Title Card

Title Card for "Firebird".

Summary: The Centurions visit Mexico at the behest of Max's old friend Rebecca. The location of the legendary Firebird, an ancient spaceship, was discovered at a Mayan temple, and she wants extra protection from a series of mysterious accidents that have been plaguing her expeditions. Kotan, one of her assistants, is working for Doc Terror, and requests extra help from Hacker. The Centurions manage to discover the location of the Firebird, but Hacker steals the ship and uses it against the Centurions. Together, they must pool their resources and clip Firebird's wings.

Culture Lesson: "The Mayans" by Crystal.

Culture Lesson Edit

Working on her computer in Skyvault, Crystal tells the audience that the land of Yucatan in Mexico was the cradle of the most ancient and mysterious civilization: The Mayan. From their great empire, they ruled in most of Mexico and most of Central America. Archaeologists had wrotten a large part of their history based on the excavations on what's left of their cities. We know they were extraordinary artisans and they made great scientific discoveries.

Crystal concludes saying that "where they got their knowledge" is a mystery that persists today, after saying this, the camera zooms at Skyvault's window showing stars shining in the distance.

Curiosities Edit

  • Episode only appearances of Rebecca and Kotan.
  • The camera focusing on the stars at the end of the culture lesson could imply the extraterrestrial intervention, known as the "Ancient Astronaut Theory".

Foreign namesEdit

  • El Oropéndola (The Oropéndola) - Latin American Dub