Gog Supercomputer

Gog rebuilt as a Super Computer.


Gog in the past.

Gog is an extraterrestrial robotic being featured in the five part episode "Man or Machine".

In the past, Gog was an entity from a world ruled by machines. Thousands of years later, when humans detected possible alien signals coming to Earth, Doc Terror attacked the observatory and stole the data. The stolen data contained a message to reconstruct Gog, who was built by Terror in Dominion. With the help of his minion Magog, Gog ordered Doc Terror to build a large hive on an island, where Gog was installed as they create a large armada of Doom Drones. As the heat of the battle increased Gog prepared the final phase of his plan of human extinction by taking control of Dominion and creates the Super Strafers to intercept an asteroid and cause a meteor storm, although he succeeded on trigger the meteor storm, the meteors were destroyed by the Centurions and Skyvault's defenses. On a desperate attempt of destroy mankind, Gog inhabits a large vessel armed with massive firepower, but his plans are finally thwarted by the Centurions.


  • Gog is the third and last extraterrestrial enemy fought by the Centurions throught the series.
  • The name of this destructive giant robot came from the book of Revelation or the Apocalypse, representing the pagan kingdoms against the introduction of Christianity.