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BreakoutBroken BeamsCassandra Cross
Child's PlayChuck BatesCold Calculations
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That Old Black MagicThe Better Half (1)The Better Half (2)
The CenturionsThe Chameleon's StingThe Executioner
The Incredible Shrinking CenturionsThe Monsters From BelowThe Mummy's Curse
The Return of Captain SteeleThe Road DevilsThe Sky is on Fire
The WarriorThree Strikes And You're DeadThunder Knife
Tidal BlastTo Dare Dominion (1)To Dare Dominion (2)
Top Ten EpisodesTornado of TerrorTraitors Three
TraumatizersTunnel D-46Uniborg
Vince EdwardsWhalesongWheel
Wild WeaselXM-2000You Only Love Twice
Zombie MasterZone Dancer
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