Micro menace

Title Card for "Micro Menace".

Summary: An asteroid containing a powerful ore known as Superium is being transported to Earth. The "Titanic" ship carrying the ore is attacked by Doc Terror. The Centurions save both the ship and the asteroid, but problems arise, when The Executioner, a master criminal who thinks he lives in the past, takes the place of Dr. Emerson on Earth. Emerson was to have given Crystal a special circuit to enable the safe beam-down of the asteroid to a secret location, but The Executioner instead substitutes it with a chip that takes control of Skyvault's computer. The asteroid is then guided to The Executioner's castle, ready for Doc Terror. With Jake trapped on board Skyvault, Ace and Max captured, the Centurions must find a way to stop both Skyvault's computer and The Executioner.

Science lesson: "Asteroids" by Ace.

Science Lesson Edit

Watching the Solar System in a monitor, Ace explains that asteroids are rocks travelling across the Solar System like small worlds. It is believed that millions of years ago there was a planet between Mars and Jupiter that exploded for some reason and its fragments became the asteroids.

Taking flight in space, Ace tells viewers that the largest known asteroid was discovered by an astronomer in 1801 and is called Ceres. However, is small because its diameter is the equivalent of the distance between Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Ace concludes the lesson saying someday, asteroids will be considered as a source of metals.

Curiosities Edit

  • Episode only appearances of the Executioner and Dr. Emerson
  • The theory of an exploding planet as the origin of the Asteroid Belt is based on the planet Phaeton hypothesis, however the total mass of the Asteroid Belt would form less than 4% of the Moon's mass, or 22% of Pluto, something too small to be considered a planet.

Superhuman Centurions Edit

  • Ace is (again) capable of shout "Power Xtreme!" outside of the Titanic without a helmet prior to his Orbital Interceptor equipping, however, since the scene focuses more on the ship than closing up on Ace, it can't be seen clearly, but the equipping sequence shows Ace helmetless, implying he shouted "Power Xtreme!" in the void of space like if nothing happened.

Foreign names Edit

  • Amenaza Espacial (Space Menace / Space Threat) - Spanish dub.