Revenge - Title Card

Title Card for "Revenge".

Summary: Doc Terror observes scientist Marina Abbot's ship heading out to sea and sends out sea-borgs to attack it. The Centurions are sent to defend the ship, while Marina summons help from a giant lobster. After the battle, Marina explains to Max that she has taken over her father's research, but wishes to keep it secret. The ship heads to the research base Neptune-1, and the Centurions observe the giant lobster and a giant turtle first hand. Marina tells them that the creatures are to be used by the World Council of Scientists and that each one can be controlled with an implant. She swears not to have her work destroyed by Doc Terror like her father's early research. Ace is later trapped by Marina, who tells him that she wants to lure Terror to the island and take revenge against him for her father. As Terror begins transforming the creatures into cyborgs, the Centurions arrive to defeat them.

Science Lesson: "SWATH Ships" by Max

Science Lesson Edit

Following a SWATH Ship with the Sea Bat equipped, Max explains viewers that SWATH ships can navigate softly through rough seas and one of the reasons is because waves can pass through the hull without shaking the ship. In fact, the ship floats over those hulls which are below surface in calm waters.

Max concludes the lesson saying the basic design of this high technology ship was patented in 1905, however it took 80 years to build it.

Curiosities Edit

Foreign names Edit

  • La Venganza (The Revenge) - Spanish dub.