Doc Terror launching a Strafer attack against Skyvault in "Man or Machine (Part III)"

The Strafer is a Doom Drone created by Doc Terror. This Air-based unit was designed for aerial assaults, but its also used on Space-based missions.

The Strafer can be combined with Doc Terror, Hacker, and the Traumatizer. The Strafer combination provide take-off and flight capabilities for Doc Terror and Hacker. this combination was the most used by both mentioned cyborg villiains.


  • Cyborg-Brain enhanced Strafers: This variant created by Uniborg in "The Better Half". An improvement of the Strafer using the Cyborg-Brain. According to Uniborg, Doc Terror was afraid of his own creations and limited their power and intelligence. Thanks to the Cyborg-Brain, their performance, maneuvering and accuracy, are greatly enhanced proving to being able to defeat the Centurions in the battle of Sand Castle and Fire Castle.
  • Super Strafers: Created by Gog in the episode "Man or Machine Part IV". The latest variant of the Strafer model. These are twice the size of the average Strafer. Their combat capabilities are not specified since Gog created them as kamikaze missiles rather than assault units, but they seems to have the same weaponry of the original Strafers, just twice as big.

Foreign namesEdit

  • Destructores (Destroyers) - Spanish dub
  • Super Destructores (Super Destroyers) - Spanish Dub