Sungrazer - Title Card

Title Card for "Sungrazer".

Summary: As Doc Terror's borg Mutron attempts to steal an experimental virus, the canister is accidentally damaged when the Centurions apprehend him. The Z-80 virus then begins spreading over the Earth. The only one able to stop the virus is its creator, Professor Manfred Owell, who left with other scientists twenty years ago to live inside a sungrazer comet under the leadership of Dr. Daimon Zemo, intending to create a utopia. Crystal and the Centurions use the Starfire, a prototype ion drive ship to get to the comet in time. Inside the comet, the Centurions meet up with Owell and Zemo, who distrusts them. As the comet is now on a course straight for the Sun, Owell requests the help of the Centurions to save the comet against Zemo's objections. As the virus spreads over the Earth, the Centurions must deal with Zemo's sabotage and save the comet as well as their homeworld.

Science lesson: "Genetic modification in plants" by Crystal.

Science Lesson Edit

In a laboratory, Crystal tells viewers that scientists are creating dirigent lifeforms, as a machine can put the four basic chemical elements of living beings in any order the scientists want. The genetic information can be surgically transplanted to the organisms, changing them into something different.

A bacteria treated with this method could digest oil. Using that method would quickly clean oil spills. Other scientists are trying to develop harvests capable of withstanding both harsh weather and plagues.

Crystal concludes saying these lifeforms should be tested in the lab until they are safe.

Superhuman CenturionsEdit

  • Jake can survive long enough time during his helmet replacement when he's equipped with the Fireforce.

Foreign namesEdit

  • Trayectoria Suicida (Suicidal Trajectory) - Spanish dub.