Summary: A mad geneticist, Dr. Yates, attempts to create a lizard army, but is thwarted by the Centurions. However, during their struggle he accidentally injects himself with lizard serum and becomes a human chameleon, able to change form at will. He vows revenge on the Centurions, currently vacationing in Monte Carlo. The Centurions are not easily beaten, but when the enemy could be one of them, can even they win?

Science Lesson: "Chameleons" by Jake.

Error Xtreme: Animation and Script ErrorsEdit

  • When Yates changes his form, his clothes also do the same, which looks totally non-sense.
  • In the Spanish dub, Yates mispells Jake's name as "Jack Rockwell", this happens during his race on Monte Carlo.

Foreign namesEdit

  • El Ataque del Camaleon (The Attack of the Chameleon) - Spanish dub