Summary: After Max catches Doc Terror's aquatic cyborg Mako, he is stunned to be arrested by the authorities instead of his adversary due to the Intertech computer, registering Max as a criminal. After being bailed out of jail by Jake, Max returns to Centrum where Crystal tells the Centurions that the main Intertech crime computer has a major malfunction. Finding no trace of a computer virus, the Intertech technicians discover that there's a physical fault with the system. To discover that fault, the Centurions are shrunk down in size and placed into the computer. There they discover that Doc Terror and Hacker had shrunk themselves along with some of their cyborg troops and entered the computer, intending to damage the central processing unit. So the Centurions have to stop them before any permanent damage can be caused.

Science lesson: "Integrated circuits" (a.k.a. "Microchips")  by Jake.


  • In the 80's, most cartoons has a Shrinking related episode, like the Transformers episode "Microbots" and this episode of the Centurions for example.

Superhuman CenturionsEdit

  • When Max is captured by the robotic octopus and prior to his Tidal Blast equipping, Max is capable to shout "Power Xtreme!" underwater without a helmet and WITHOUT MOVING HIS MOUTH!

Foreign namesEdit

  • Los Increibles Centuriones Miniaturizados (The Incredible Miniaturized Centurions) - Spanish dub.