Uniborg expelling Doc Terror and Hacker out of Dominion.

Uniborg is the result of the combination of Doc Terror's Syntax half and Hacker's Legion half. The combination of both halves proven to be a more efficient mastermind than his creators. He defeated both the Centurions and Doc Terror in the episode "The Better Half (Part I)".


Uniborg's accidental creation

Hacker pushing his Legion unit by accident, which results in the involuntary creation of Uniborg.

Uniborg's creation was merely by accident, when Doc Terror and Hacker removed their halves to combine with Strafer parts, Hacker accidentaly pushed his Legion half, moving it close enough to Terror's Syntax unit, causing both halves to merge into one robotic entity.

As a robot, Uniborg proved to be a merciless mastermind capable of anticipate his enemies moves as it disabled the weapons of Doc Terror and Hacker's supplementary halves in anticipation of any attempts to stop Uniborg. Despite recognizing Doc Terror as his creator, Uniborg expelled both Terror and Hacker out of Dominion making them escape through the Tunnel D-46 which was destroyed to keep Dominion away from the Centurions.

With Doc Terror out of Dominion, Uniborg proceeded with the second phase of his plan: Create invincible Doom Drones by enhancing them with his creation: The Cyborg-Brain, a specialized copy of Uniborg's intelligence designed to defeat the enemy in combat. With the Cyborg-Brain enhanced Doom Drones, Uniborg launched an attack on the Caribbean facility Sand Castle, and later on the New Zealand facility Fire Castle, where the Centurions were defeated.

In the midst of this, the Centurions had no other choice but to seek the help of Terror and Hacker, who were in a rehabilitation facility. With the help of Terror and Hacker, the Centurions defeated the creations of Uniborg and once back to Dominion, Doc Terror and Hacker came across Uniborg, who stated that they could not destroy him, since he was a part of them. Without hesitation, Terror blew Uniborg to pieces.

Additional Data Edit

  • Unlike other robots, Uniborg seems to understand human emotions, as he was capable of comprehend the mutual help of the Centurions for each other, at the point of use that to strike a deal with Ace McCloud of giving up Fire Castle in exchange of saving Jake Rockwell.

Voice ActorsEdit

  • Rhual Rogers (Rual Arturo Rodriguez Medina) (1965-2009) (as Legion) - Spanish dub.
  • Eduardo Borja (as Syntax) - Spanish dub.

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Foreign namesEdit

  • Mega-Robot / Megarobot - Spanish dub.
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